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New Day. New City. Same Ol' Touring Routine...

Experience Unforgettable Magic Backstage

Hi there! I'm a close-up magician that specializes in performing for artists and bands backstage. Besides performing backstage for over 20 years, I also invent magic tricks that have been published in numerous books and magazines. This means that I have the ability to create custom.

Touring can be physically and mentally demanding for artists and the band. The constant traveling, performances, and tight schedules can lead to stress and fatigue. A close-up magician can provide a much-needed break and offer moments of wonder and entertainment, helping alleviate stress and providing a source of relaxation for the entire team.


  1. Relieve Touring Stress: Touring life can be demanding, and I'm here to provide much-needed stress relief. Witness mind-boggling magic tricks that will transport your artist and band members to a world of wonder and relaxation.
  2. Strengthen Team Spirit: Foster a sense of camaraderie and togetherness among your artist and band. You can have me create shared experiences and lasting memories, boosting team spirit and bonding in an extraordinary way.
  3. Transform Backstage Moments: Break free from the monotony of day-to-day touring routines with a customized magic setlist specifically designed for your artist and band.

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